Monday, January 19, 2015

Stay With Me / The Call

Said some silly things that i've been regretting lately on insta and in this space but it's too late to revert my actions. Have never been one to open up my weaker and more delicate side and i'm feeling embarrassed on the morning when i was more sober and logical i guess. But anyway, i'm also aware of mouths talking about it and it makes me uncomfortable knowing that my relationship is being scrutinised by people i don't even know.

ANYWAY, how did the weekends pass so fast?!?! Also considering that i now have a 3-day weekend this semester YIPEE really glad about that. On the downside, i have class at 8.30am on a Monday ;( and i didn't manage to change my index for that.


Friday spent with Zoey <3

Check out our very amateurish covers of Stay With Me and The Call :)

Followed zoey to the toilet to wash my feet, alas, i ended up washing my head instead...

Toodles! Chionging this post because i need to wake up at 5.30am tomorrow for my 8.30am class and i need to sleep EARLYYY. It's almost 1am now! T_T Why do i stay so far from NTU whyyyyy *groan*

Saturday, January 17, 2015


I feel like crying on most nights because it has been a bad week. First week of school has passed and even though I haven't delved into the reality of the nbs rat race due to my current intentional oblivion and aloof attitude towards all kinds of uni classes, I have, on the other hand, been feeling the pinch and the loneliness of hall life or in a more positive sense, independence and solace which I have yet to appreciate thus far for this week. Also doesn't help that my roomie is sometimes more of a crybaby than I am and I have the tendency to break down a bit when I witness others' emotional ordeals. All my life I used to pride myself on giving the most helpful and objective opinions and advice I can possibly give within my humble capabilities to the heartbroken or the depressed or the rest whose shit-hits-the-fan. Suddenly I have fallen victim and i have started to question about us a lot. I think I probably don't deserve this much negligence and indifference. But I don't wanna hurt anybody.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

i'm sick of food now #firstworldproblems

Blogging with my laokokkok Asus laptop i had since i was in Sec school if i'm not wrong and it is DRIVING ME NUTS! The browser keeps hanging like how my patience is hanging around the noose - dying.

29th Dec '14, Monday

Ronald Macdonald (ha ha) came over tonight to cook together with me! Only possible because le dad is overseas (in Medan right now) and not sure if i've mentioned it before but my dad is against me having a boyfriend so i've never dared to bring it up to him before. Thank goodness my mom is supportive (kinda). Well not like i can help it if i come to adore someone right HAHA.

First time attempting pumpkin swiss roll - a recipe i found on Laura Vitale's youtube channel. Not really liking the spiced flavour of this cake and the frosting (my leftover cream cheese frosting from my previous baking session) was way too sweet to be paired with the pumpkin cake (or any other cake) so ... i guess it wasn't too successful and therefore not uploaded on Instagram HAHAHA.

I am SO into posting food photos on Instagram right now - you guys have no idea.

Anyway, packed some of the cake rolls for Ron to bring back to his mom and sis 'cos he insisted and i did so despite knowing it's overly-sweet and i'm regretting deeply now HAHAHA it's like giving a bad first impression when i could have done otherwise with my usual baking attempts *BIG SIGH*. Here i go again, thinking too much LOL.

one of my favourite one pot chicken rice recipes in yet another variation + encore garlic bread for my mom

Kept being chided by ronald for opening the lid multiple times while the rice is still cooking but i obstinately continued to do so anyway in the argument that the rice has to be stirred time to time to facilitate even cooking and prevent the bottom from getting charred. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT *chant*.

Encore garlic bread because i made garlic bread the day before yesterday for my post X'mas family gathering and my mom didn't manage to snag a single piece haha.

28 Dec '14, Sunday


Went to rockclimb with Ronald at ClimbAsia and it was yet another demoralising climb session for me - really wish i can improve faster and be able to complete more routes! But i think that day's climb was already considered pretty accomplishing as compared to my other climb sessions T_T LOL sad life of a lousy climber.

Above photo taken for a silly reason - just because we were the only ones who opted for the longass flight of stairs at the train station instead of the escalator.

photo #1
Grocery shopping - boy girl meet shades.

photo #2
After noticing that he was doing the act-cool shot, i tried to follow... i really tried............

HAHAHA damn fail i look like a duck.

27 Dec '14, Saturday

Met up with Junsheng who i haven't seen in a whopping 9 months! Stupid boy don't bother to contact me!! HAHAHA jk

Definitely over-ordered but we finished everything anyway LOL haish so gluttony.

It was a good catch up :) I will never forget how his army instructor yelled at them to 'LUMP together like a piece of shit' and while rolling across the mud pool to his friend, he was very astonished as he caught his other friend standing at the corner of the mud pool laughing to himself. Turns out he heard the instructor say 'Laugh together like a piece of shit' instead. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Anyway, headed back to Tamp after the meal and went to NTUC to get ingredients for that night's family dinner. My dad's overseas so we had dinner at my brother's and it was kind of a Christmas potluck meal.

I brought over -
key lime pie
Didn't really bother to garnish the dish because 1) i forgot 2) was rushing for time 3) super distracted by my nephew who came over to my place first.

the lime custard part that is the most refreshing, tangy and yummy custard EVER
cheesy garlic bread
Also did a quick bake that evening and i think i may need an extra loaf of bread next time when making it for my family again HAHA we are weak when it comes to sinful cheesy foods.

Headed to my 2nd brother's place and was greeted by this fantastic dining table sight <3<33333 I am so so glad that my family members all can cook HAHAHA. 3rd brother made sausage salad :)

My 2nd brother stays just a 2 minutes walk away from me and it was quite funny how i moved the pie and the garlic bread over HAHA. I literally just held the pie in my hands as it is and walked across the streets to his house. People were looking at me funny (^_^;;;) .

Quite a good shot taken right ;) But made possible because...

Behind the scenes  "快点 打灯 打灯!!"

HAHAHA brother literally taking his floor lamp up so that the rest of us can take quality photos LOLLL. It was hilarious (ノ>▽<。)ノ

Anyway, those were the past 3 days for me. As you can probably tell- it's mostly good food and good food and good food for these continuous days and i'm starting to get sick of food now if that is even possible ohmygawdddd. Kinda not looking forward to the cafe outing i have tomorrow (today) and the CONSECUTIVE cafe outing right after tomorrow (today) *SIGHPIE* goshhhh.

Ending the post here because it's 3.21am and i have to wake up at 10am tomorrow HAHA if not i would really love to clear the hopesless bleak pile of backlog i have been accumulating constantly.