Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Hey lovelies <3

Blogging on a monday night with my new... MacBook Air!! Courtesy of my 3rd bro T_T very touched that he bought it for me even without me asking :) Think i'm a very blessed girl with a very supportive family. Like when uni was about to start, my cousins from next door handed me a red packet of 300 bux, telling me to enjoy uni, while my aunt transferred 500 bux into my account. Feeling extremely grateful that i'm being doted on and being taken care of so well, definitely not solely just on monetary aspect.

Came down with a flu these days right after i recovered from my fever-sorethroat-cough from the last two weeks T_T was already falling sick yet i still went into the pool during DND night :(

Pix from HALL XVI DND NIGHT (29 Aug):

DND with Ector at Mambo Beach Club!

Throwback to birthday celebration for my Ector ogm xinling LOLOLOL:

ice bucket plus flour plus cake smashing.

Damn scared and dreading my own birthday's arrival now HAHAHAHA heard from my ogms already that every birthday 'surprise' will be worse than the previous one and mine's coming soon T_T save me

schoolday selfie 
cutiepie's selfie

Birthday celebration with Loki last Wed (27 Aug):

potluck dinner in my room while making the bday cards

The birthday cards are hilarious HAHAHAH couldn't stop laughing while making them and writing the captions:

Sorry friends (actually i think none of them read my blog anyway LOL)

Celebration for all the august babies during loki lunch!

'Harh??? My birthday was 16 days ago!" LOL

<3<3<3 result of our shit-stirring!

end of post! IT textbook is so dry that i can stay on the same page for 1 hour...

Gotta go sleep cos it's already 2am and i'm trying very hard to recover quickly from my flu! GOODNIGHT :)

p/s blogging on mac SUCKS!!???! Why does uploading pictures take sooooo long?!

Friday, August 22, 2014



Once again, i'm still alive HAHAHA. Sorry for such a long hiatus. I've been swept away by the hustle bustle of university life. There are waaay too many events and activities going on now that i can't find the time to sit down proper for a blog post.

SO it's currently the 2nd week of official univeristy life and so far so good i would say!! Really really thankful for my NBS friends because without them, uni life would suckkk :( Also very grateful that i finally managed to get 15 AU for this semester when i actually started off with 9 AU only. I JUST checked my timetable and realised that i am FINALLY off the wait list for a core mod!!! Happy girl. On the side note i'm kind of dreading going for its seminar next week because... it's already the 3rd week and the people in that mod are probably split into groups already LOL.

I have soooo many things to update my blog with that i don't know how and where to start! Gonna do a quick update of my NBS Dinner and Dance last Saturday 'cos it's the latest event i had.


Headed over to Lianne's house that day to get my make up and hair professionally done by her HAHAHAHA.
Lianne: "Well if all else fails... i can be a make up artist."

She did my make up and hair, lent me her dress and her shoes, nu bra and seamless panties (new and unworn!!)  T___T thanks so much babe love you to the moon and back <3333

me and my new boo <3

Daddy bought me this new convertible recently and hired me a chauffeur also because i have yet to get my driving license!

I WISH AH. We had to sneak around while fearing that the car owner is nearby.

Ying Jia and I on the cab because we #foreverlate :

cold platter

The D&D was held in Hilton hotel. Food was pretty good! But i left the place not feeling full at all because i didn't eat much :(

with my lovely hall OGM :)
with our loki KING and my camp buddy HAHA
I just have to add that my hair is horrendous here. SUPER regret getting my hair rebonded. I don't mind straight but it's just too flat for my liking :( Plus the hairdresser actually went to snip a good 2 inches of my hair off without my permission!?!?!

with yet another pageant girl
best freshie aka future cgl
jonas - this guy is the lamest guy i've ever known HAHAHAHA
Shagwei. LOL @ the photobombers
with two of the NTU-AHS babes
i got pretty OG friends all single and ready to mingle lailailai

LOKI guys goofing around:

I am really glad that we got the most gentlemanly and sincerely nice guys around in Loki ^_^

LOKI's 花痴
LOLOL only one in white here.

obelix & loki (seniors and freshies)
oldbelix + lokids
oldbelix + lokids

D&D was fun - lots of eyecandies on the stage (pageant people) LOL. The night would be so much better if my strapless dress would stop fidgeting around. Being a girl is so troublesome.

On the train on the way home:

Was starting to crack up damn hard here in this photo because it was when i realised that........................................................................................ i looked like i wasn't wearing clothes HAHAHAHAHAHA


OKAY end of quick update LOL this post took me only 15min! Trying to rush because it's already 2.16am and i have a 10.30am tutorial tomorrow morning. Goodnight, i love YOU because you still visit my blog even though i haven't update for.. really long. XOXO

Monday, August 4, 2014

hi guys i'm still alive!!!

Omg this is probably my longest hiatus in a long long time. Just came back from my uni camps and i've gotten so damn dark now that people might mistake me for a malay again (used to happen to me a lot when i was young).

Will do a proper post ASAP :) but for now, i need REST and HOME FOOD and FAMILY <3

p/s: finally took a 1-week worth of dump