Saturday, December 13, 2014

More than you ever know ≖‿≖

6 Dec '14, Saturday

NBS Riding the dragon day ;)

LOKI's 花痴

happy dragonboaters ^_^
Was drizzling the whole time we were rowing there and also, to no one's surprise, we also came in last in place for the dragon boat competition because our motto is 开心就好 HAHAHA. #excusesonly

4 Dec' 14, Thursday

Every rainy chilly day calls for a home-baked good.

HAHA didn't do the most perfect job but i guess it's quite ok for my first attempt. But i really wished i did a better job of arranging the apple slices!!! ;(

a scoop of vanilla ice-cream probably goes well with any dessert HAHA
Will try again and the next time will be better! Really need to cut the apple slices more thinly so it's easier to bend and arrange them on the apple compote.

3 Dec' 14, Wednesday

Booked the largest room at Teoheng thinking that there will be at least 10 people going there. But for the first hour there were only 4 people T_T and during the next two hours, only 2 more people joined us LOL. All these pangsehers!

iPhone cam vs...
my android camera :(
After realising the vast photo quality difference, i'm seriously considering switching to an iPhone!


Superb and yummy mookata at Golden Mille but pricey in my opinion. One set costs $45 and we had to add on two extra plates of meat at $10 each because two sets weren't enough for us oink ヽ(*’(OO)’)ノ゚.

sex on the beach

Drinks by Haji Lane.

Also had my first sex on the beach drink and while drinking it i was unimpressed with the small amount of alcohol i tasted but... guess who ended up quite high from it LOLOL.

Day/night spend with less than half of LOKI but it was really fun (★^O^★)


Wednesday, December 10, 2014


the reason why i workout

Just picked up pilates again during this holidays. It's TOUGH doing it again after a long hiatus of 5 months. Feeling super guilty that i haven't been exercising dilligently at all during the course of my semester 1 in Uni. So i'm really compensating for it during this short holiday break of 1 month HAHA. And i'll bring my yoga mat to hall when school starts again in hopes that i will continue my pilates and cardio HAHAHA.

Dinner just now:

kimchi soup
pickled seaweed

Made everything from scratch!! *proud* Hahahaha. Made the kimchi yesterday - supposed to let it ferment for at least a week but my mom already bought the ingredients for kimchi soup today so i just used the one-day old kimchi for dinner today.


Anyway, finally met up with the naughty girls club yesterday (or rather, two days back, since it's past midnight) for a cafe date!!!

crab & tomato pasta

laksa egg benedict
truffle mushroom alfredo pasta
@Stateland Cafe. Food was really yummy and my laksa egg benedict with jam was a surprisingly pleasant combination. 

made our way to more food
 They said it was very stalker-ish of me to have taken that photo :( HAHA.

cakes @ Shop Wonderland
 We were really spoilt for choices - all the cakes look so good! T_T settled on Chocolate Coffee Cake and Rose Blossom Cake in the end.

feeling extra festive there

Zoey - "Let's act bored" but...

filter-ed pic cos it was for my instagram *_*
Of course, NEVER forgetting...
an unglam pic from us trio
Quoting the usual Lianne - 'Can't act pretty so act unglam lor!' LOL

Goodnight world xoxoxo

PS: Determined to blog dilligently during this break and clear my crazy backlog of photos.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Waffle-ironed bread


Currently having my toasted (with a waffle maker) PBJ sandwich for breakfast! Supposed to be meeting a few fellow eastie Lokids for breakfast at macs but turns out the reporting time for our dragonboat session is half an hour earlier than what we thought at first, so everyone's having breakfast at home instead :( i really wanted my macs breakfast HAHA.

Pouring like mad here in Tampines, i have no idea how we are going to carry on with our dragon boat plan later - plus we already paid for it, so it's not like it can be canceled easily.

Headed back to hall yesterday MAINLY for my sunblock which is super super essential for DB-ing hahaha. I'm afraid i made a wasted trip. Went to find Ronny at his school after i picked up some stuff at my hall and we went for dinner at the newly opened East Point mall afterwards! Quite crowded but not as crowded as what i expected for a newly-opened mall.


LOL @ the sian face. Ronald: "Why the camera always eat first..."

Had dinner at Saizeriya which is pretty decent for it's ridiculously cheap prices. The two army dudes beside us ate 4 plates of mains, 2 drinks, and 1 chocolate lava cake... madness.

But the portion isn't very big. Went back home and had beehoon at 1am 'cos i got hungry again, and woke up this morning feeling a ton heavier T___T the guilt is real.