Time changes everything, even you and I have changed

Hi guys, I'm Tania. I'm a NBS undergraduate. Life was mostly carefree and easy, until I chose Accountancy. Singing, baking, cooking, hanging out with my friends have become luxuries in my life. Nevertheless, I'm still enjoying life and feeling thankful for each and every day. Love y'all ❤

The rain, the winter spring has made us fade away

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Maybe life is random, but I doubt it

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I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

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Life as a learning process

“i'm no angel - i'm just me, but i will love you endlessly ❤”
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Snapchats and other nonsense
Saturday, April 4, 2015 || Saturday, April 04, 2015

MY GOSH. Finals are in 3 weeks... and i have yet to start panicking :/

Spent the last night rushing through the most useless mod EVER - ethics & moral reasoning. 1 AU mod that is entirely based online. I sped through it but it's still such a waste of time, i mean, look at this:

TB to v'day with free roses - ironically did not celebrate v day with my supposed valentine haha. I think we grew out of it...? Lol i speak as if we've been together for very long but we've only been through 1 valentine's day actually HAHA.

I contemplate for super long before deciding to post a selfie on IG HAHAHA Cos... selfies are quite shameless no?

Curtain Call last Wed. Last hall event T_T Thank you JCRC for the wonderful goodie bag. Btw i was sooo upset that i missed NBS exam goodie bag AGAIN for the 2nd sem :( I deliberately exited my hobo state and left my hall room after 2 days of cooping myself up (HAHA don't judge)  just to travel to SS to get the goodie bag but alas, it was all gone T_T

Oh my gosh i COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING at xinling (left) HAHAHAHA.

You guys are probably sick of me asking if i should cut my hair to this length... Somehow i look like the carpet dog from howl's moving castle here.

Last drinking session before finals:
LOL sry for the frightening image
Survivors -

From a group of over 15 people to just us.


Ran for two consecutive nights last week for about 5km per session. Running in school is damn shiok 'cos i can go at any time i want no matter how late it is (b'cos running in school is safe OR so i think). The last stretch of the blue track is really quite ulu and scary though im not very bothered by it. And sometimes you get to witness lone couples walking in directions that lead to... really nowhere. It's somehow annoying but fascinating at the same time. Like, why do y'all wanna go there??? It's nothing but forested areas and ghosts ._.

Anyway, i'm intending to run tonight as well. HOPEFULLY someone don't pangseh me *narrows eyes* 'cos running alone in Tampines at night is certainly not very safe haha.

Met up with pimp poh last week for my monthly update about his new gals HAHA:

Had supper at simpang. Was initially very hyped up at the idea of eating tissue prata. And it was the first time i ordered food so quickly b'cos i'm usually very indecisive when it comes to food. BUT the tissue prata was such a let down!!! ;(  Like how could tissue prata ever go wrong right?! But it did. Ended up koping a lot of his cheese+honey prata that was such a unconventional combination but turned out fabbb.

Also had the craycray idea of walking back to Tampines from Bedok Simpang and it took us about an hour. It was ok for me but i think it was quite torturous for JS 'cos he needed to pee damn badly HAHAHAHA. I asked him to go to the bushes but he don't want.

We also walked past a (i believe it was rocking) car parked beside Century Square at 3am with its engine on, to realise that a couple was having sex inside @_@ I wanted to go nearer to confirm but got stopped by js HAHAHAHA.

When you get to sleep early in uni, it needs to be commemorated with a photo:

HAHA no la, just another excuse for selfie.

My 3rd/4th Zouk night:

I think it was the first zouk experience where i actually really had fun HAHA.

Besides pesky dudes trying too hard, there is nothing much out of the norm that happened that night except for this particular incident i find rather weird and hilarious.

I was dancing with my friends with my back facing a podium where a girl was dancing alone on top. Experienced a wtf moment when i felt someone rubbing my face from behind and i turned around with the most annoyed face i could manage to two dudes who looked like deers in the headlight - surprised and as if at a loss for what to do. Then I turned back and continued mingling with my friends and after like... 15 minutes or so, someone from behind bua my face again!!!! WHAT on earth?! HAHAHAHA I turned around to the same poor dudes who looked shocked and scared. And then i looked at xinling who was beside me and she gave me the O__O look and subtly pointed to the girl who was dancing on the podium. Turns out the face-buaer was the lone girl who was dancing on top of the podium. It's really creepy thinking about how she actually bent down to touch my face from behind when i was in my own world dancing with my friends...

Spicy korean ramyun challenge with XL and WC:


if you need instant thick and luscious lips, this ramen is the way to go

This WC laughing at my face behind!!!!! WL.

Finished all the noodles with Xinling but during the process i literally bawled when eating. I've never had such a painful meal LOL.

B'day celebrations with ba0305:

I don't know why you guys are being punished for being born HAHAHA it makes me scared of my own birthday predicament. 

HAHAHAHHA made a mess at the corridor because birthday girl got cake-d and egg-ed. And here's kendra covering the peephole of an anal neighbour while we cleaned up. Ok to be fair if i were her i'd be angry at the noise also haha.

Mentioned in one of my previous posts that i was really on the edge of breaking down 'cos of stress and once, i completely went nuts when talking on the phone with ronald one night.

I guess being overly-stressed and breaking down it's good because:


First time ever i swear. I should do this more often HAHAHAHA jk.

Photo from the period of extreme stress HAHA i'm a creative snapchatter ;) -

Llao llao and matching oufits with my roomie on a Monday:

Stateland cafe with pimp poh about 3 months ago:

 The honey toast!!!  \(♡∀♡)/
Saw @shiberty's remake of the shibuya honey toast from BKK's good cafe and i am SOOO tempted to try it out. 

The Handburger with Ronny somewhere in Feb:

Hall 16 Supper Hop when the semester just started:

It was superhero-themed and bella and i decided to be Jokers that night out of pure fun. We didn't expect to win the steamboat pot at all!!! But YAYYYY <3 Before that i was being mocked at by the hall peeps while eating prata for taking over 30 minutes to edit this IG photo. But look who won ite!!!!! *wiggle eyebrows* HAHA staph tania.

Mom's b'day:

"Tania you look like your mom and your dad looks like the cake."

Made my mom birthday meesua for longevity :>

Random snaps on snapchat:
aiyo so cute 
aiyo so cute 
LOL the most useless label i've ever seen
herbivore meal
got scolded by tye for eating veggies

And also note the stark difference of filtered camera photo vs a low-quality no-filter snapchat photo  LOLOL

for the cock who bought me this shirt (haha punny! ha ha)
suffered swollen lips and ulcer for a few days ever since the laptop dropped

Oh my gosh it was really a startling bolt of pain when the laptop fell on my mouth LOLOL. And my mouth got SO SWOLLEN HAHAHA.
The shit things that happen to me.

morning when i conveniently missed lecture feat. centre parting

In BKK I was eating this raisin and cream crepe and the raisins would not STOP FALLING OUT all over the shopping mall floor and one of them fell into my shirt LOL. Got laughed at by the hua chi babes while jumping to get rid of it. Went to the toilet and retrieved it finally HAHAHA.


Sorry for the utterly messy and disorganised post. Ever since i got snapchat my photo albums are really disorganised, 'coz a bulk of the photos in my phone don't have dates.

Anyway, it's been such a long time since i did a long post with photos! Won't have the luxury of time to do it anytime soon because of finals. Cannot wait for finals to end!!! Btw i really really really wanna go to Korea :( The air tix are so expensive tho.

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Remembering LKY | remembering your loved ones
Tuesday, March 31, 2015 || Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hihi! Blogging with my phone now because uploading photos to macbook from my android has proven to be such a chore that it sometimes (or most of the time) discourages me from blogging, oops.

Have been keeping mum about the passing of LKY not because I am indifferent towards it, but because I simply didn't feel a need to express my sadness and utmost respect for our founding father on social media.

Death is part and parcel of life. It's heart-wrenching, tough, and excruciatingly painful, but when the time comes, it comes, and we let go. My spiritually-inclined cousin emphasises on positivity. During my uncle's funeral, she cautioned us about the things we say and think at the wake. Because souls hear.

In that 1 minute of silence, instead of grieving, I was at ease when I pictured LKY with his late wife, finally, in a world where he can live life for himself.

Aside from all the gratuitous thoughts other preach about, I have, on the other hand, been reminded once again of this very important notion that I have learned the hard way in the past - to never take your loved ones for granted.

It could be nothing much to you, but this reminder holds so much weight in my heart for I had failed in doing so in the past and it has since became the biggest regret of my life.

It may have been due to my immaturity and ignorance as a child, but I was at most times, an unpleasant aunt to my niece, a rude sister to my sister-in-law, and a nonchalant and cold sister to my eldest brother.

The night I was roused from sleep to witness my niece at the doorway, engulfed in my dad's arms, bawling... and breaking down... was the night the first wave of immense, painful regret and grief came cascading down.

The only memories I have of my eldest brother was how he would walk past my room on our old sunday night dinner gatherings, glance in at me, and call me "姑姑" affectionately. Because that's what my niece and nephew call me.

The second memory figment of my brother was of him clinking his cutlery together to clear off the remnants of his food, and then stretching across the table to add dishes into my bowl for me, with a kind smile playing on his face.

How undeserving was I to have received such warm affection which I had treated so carelessly.

The last and most unbearable wave of regret. The moment as I watched his still body lay in the casket. His skin was grey, his face bloated. Washed off of every single hint of the chirpy smile he used to give me. My nephew, bored and lazing around on the foldable chair, too young to even comprehend that he was at his own father's funeral.

It was at that moment when it struck me that I can no longer compensate my brother. I want to tell him so badly that... i am so so sorry. I wish I was a better sister to you and da sao, a better aunt to junyi and yuda.

But it was simply too late.

Here goes the biggest regret of my life :(

Today, I adore and love my niece and nephew. And i promise I'll care for them for my entire lifetime to the best of my capabilities. I've lost contact with my sister-in-law in respect of her decision but I sincerely hope I'd be given an opportunity to meet and talk to her personally *sigh*

Wow this was totally not meant to be an emotional post. I was supposed to blog and upload photos of what I've been doing today.

Regardless, goodnight world! For your own sake, don't take anyone you love for granted. It's so easy to treat your parents' love for you so carelessly and unappreciatively. You think they will be constants in your life? No, nobody can be your constant in your life forever. Don't make the same mistake i did because it's really painful to live with regrets of such scale :'(

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'there's no guarantee that this wld be easy'
Wednesday, March 18, 2015 || Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nobody said it was easy.

It has been quite a while since i've felt such immense stress. Spent the past weekend feeling as if my heart's going to burst out at the seams. Broke down at home twice too and i got a scare when my body couldn't move properly. I wish i was stronger, or better yet, i wish i'm goddamn smart and hardworking from the start. It's so hard to catch up in NBS and the competitiveness here is really no joke. I don't know how people can put up with this rushing & forging ahead everyday without fail. How? I can't.

I look at those muggers/smartasses/scholars/-,  those who are always on top of the schedule and feel that they are so out of my league. It's like i'll never be there. It's analogous to seeing a VS model and thinking/knowing that you'll never look like them LOL. Then I look at those carefree, happy-go-lucky people who don't seem to care about their academics, and feel this strange bout of envy and even a little miff, that they have it so easy simply because they care less about studies and more about life. I wish i was at either ends of this spectrum, not stuck in the middle, feeling so small compared to the rest of the world.

all else aside... Short hair yay or nay! I think i want it.

i'm so screwed for accounting and i think my prof knows it HAHA *sad laughter*

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