Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Doing work while waiting for my mom to knock off from work. Just had my facial at decleor and i think of it as a well deserved break because... my recess week IS PRACTICALLY NOT RECESS WEEK! Does anyone else understand my recess-week-machiam-no-recess-week angst?!? Have to be in school on monday, tuesday, thursday, friday, saturday - either for extra classes, nbs stuff, or open house day. And i stay in the East sobs!

BTW guys NTU open house is happening on 7 March, Saturday!!! Come down to take a look if you're interested ^__^  (alternatively, come down find me la i'm more interesting than open house)

* * * * *

Posting photos from CNY today as a continuation of my previous cny post.


filters vs
no filter
If you could describe your face with one word, what would it be?
- egg

Don't think i've ever seen my mom wear green. This year she deliberately went down to chinatown to get green clothes for CNY because apparently that's the lucky colour for tigers this year. Superstitious much - reminds me so much of ronald who is most probably the most superstitious boy/anyone i've ever known.

ootd with nieces on chu yi and ootd with mom on chu er(´∀`)
daughter's ootd
mom's ootd

wait for it

wait for it some more

dad's ootd back at home
HAHAHAH it was such a rofl moment for me and my mom when we were browsing through our ootd shots on her phone and suddenly this photo of my dad surfaced with the next swipe HAHAHA.

Anyway, in defence of my dad, that's not how he normally wears LOL (ට ̥̆ ට)
And that's a towel (not a bandage) around his head. My mom got a shock when she saw him at home that day. 

Got 'dem eyes from my momma but can't say so for height, figure... anything else actually (ДT)HAHA 

black sequin fell off her skirt and she found it very amusing to put it on her face... mom pls

cuzzies tgt since 1995 
We meet only once a year but each time we meet it's like we're blood sisters who see each other everyday :') #cuzzielovemuch ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Came home that day to -

an entire table of gambling addicts


Friday, February 27, 2015


LOL @ the things we do. And we've been like that since 7 years ago...


fyi this was a reenactment of what really happened to us (and lianne) in sec school when we were peacefully eating at the coffee shop near my place and lianne found a HUMONGOUS red ant crawling on Zoey's head. We called it Revenge of the Red Ant then because the previous time we ate at the same coffee shop, Zoey squashed a red ant to its death 'cos it was crawling on the table while we were eating LOL. Anyway, we unknowingly caused a huge scene at the coffee shop then because
1. Zoey was helplessly running around, flailing her arms, shouting
2. Lianne was holding a tissue and attempted to flick the ant off Zoey's head with the tissue
3. She was so scared of it she didn't dare go near zoey so every time she mustered the courage to skip a few steps forward wielding the tissue paper, she makes a random whack on zoey's head with the tissue, and proceeding to skip backwards again
4. I was helpfully laughing non-stop at the side
5. In general we made hell lots of noise

Once our red ant saga was over, we went back to our table and found that the whole coffee shop was looking at us. HAHA Those were the days man.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Happy Chinese New Year friends!!!

Don't know about you guys but i looooove CNY. I thought my passion and love for this festival would go away as i grew older but i guess i'm still young hehehehe. Besides, nobody says no to angpaos!

Only bad thing this time is that i'm so bogged down by work that i can't fully enjoy myself. I've never felt so stressed with school workload until i came to University. That being said, i'd still choose uni life over any other education phase i had hahaha.

初夕 - Wednesday

Was super hyped last week over how there were only two school days (monday and tuesday. also didn't go for lessons on Tues) but now my cny school break is all gone? Life is cruel!!

yet another one of my guilty pleasures
steamboat night

Hahahaha snapchat makes me creative ;)

Also learned how to play poker that night and won 10 dollar worth of coins which were later lost by my dad the next day when he played on my behalf when i visited the washroom *cries*.

初 一 - Thursday

Omg that morning i woke up feeling like my eyeballs were gonna fall off. Woke up at 7.30am and slept at around 4am the previous night because 守夜 (?) and accounting project.

Woke up with red and puffy left eye on the first day of CNY and couldn't wear my contact lens that morning. Eyelids remained swollen for the next few days also LALALA suay and ugly.

visiting grandma
Was so glad to return home before going to our next destination that day because i was so tired. I slept through all the car rides and when i got home...

seflies before i crashed big time
Hahahaha my niece was out for 1h with me too. Still remember my mom's comparison of us with pigs that day.

Woke up with a start and only had 5 minutes to wash up before heading for our family reunion lunch (which has easily more than 100 people with at least 50 faces i find unfamiliar lol).

fav nieces <3

 Snuck out to help each other take OOTD HAHA we how cute lololol

poor girl got no filter cos no ig hahaha

Relatives huddled together singing Peng You together - it was such a sweet moment i had to snap a photo (tho i don't know how most of them are related to me loll. And i've never seen the one at the bottom left before??)
brother terrorising our baby cousin
Went back home after lunch and slept for 3 hours straight HAHA felt super guilty because i really wanted to help my mom with the cooking but i overslept by so much.


After lunch the same distant relatives came over to my aunt and my place (we're neighbours) for dinner and CNY gambling!!! This was the night my dad lost my earnings within a single toilet trip...


Continuing with Chu Er in the next post!!! Wanted to blog about both days in a single entry but no cos i got accounting journal entries to do instead (ha ha really bad pun tania).

Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR again :) May you guys be in the pink of health and be happy!

/edit: Just realised that one of my posts from JAN 3 was uploaded wrongly to another blog so i just transferred it over - http://tania-ng.blogspot.sg/2015/01/2015.html