Monday, September 22, 2014

#tbt carefree days

I still remember L saying that day, 'Tania when are you going to blog about this? One month later??' LOL no, how about 3 months later.
19 June '14:

Visited IScream with the babes at Bedok. Had a way too filling lunch at Bedok 85 prior to this hahahaha #fatdieus.

the amount of food we ordered for just the three of us LOLLL
Forever over-eating when i'm out with them. No wonder i used to be so fat in secondary school. Everyday after school it was Astons, or KFC, or Macs, etc.

antisocial pok
rare ootd because i happened to be taking passport photos for myself that day haha
Speaking of passport photos, i gotta go down to ICA before school today to get my IC procedures done :( Lost my IC in case some of y'all didn't know :(

YESTERDAY 21 Sept '14:

Met up with L and Z and they gave me a wallet for my birthday cos they knew i lost mine T__T friends forever.

This is why we are friends:


Haven't met up with the two in a really really really long time. Think the last time we met up was before uni started :O But despite how infrequently we meet up, they are still the two friends i'm most comfortable hanging out with :') Love yall!!! <3

Abrupt end to post because i'm supposed to leave house at 10am but i'm still here at 9.47am blogging LOL

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Feeling incredibly incredibly sad and depressed because my wallet is missing :( everything is inside, my cards, my keys, my money, my birthday gift from ronald.

Searched high and low for it since this morning and it really hit me that it's gone just now that i bawled :( having a very bad headache now. I've never felt so sad and helpless for so long until now.

Hope it appears!!! Please come back to me :'((((

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

of cold feet and empty stomachs

Feeling incredibly incredibly friends-sick now.

I miss you guys Lianne and Zoey T_________T where are my friendsssss when i need them??

There is simply soooo much socialisation happening in uni each day everyday. It's literally a social network boom where you just gain so many acquaintances at once, and hang out with different people everyday... which is not a bad thing at all but it makes me miss my really close-to-heart friends so much now.

These are my kind of friends:
screenshot of a snippet of L's post
HAHA the heck

I miss y'all so much :'( Don't forget about me while y'all are in NUS together!!!

On another note,
the great thing about pulau ntu is the pretty elements of nature you don't normally get to see:

Spotted two beautiful canaries perched on the tree branch outside my room window together hahaha i love canaries (also 'cos my favourite colour is yellow). Only managed to take photo of one 'cos the other flew off.

Just the other day my friends spotted mama wild boar with her piglets near hall 14 HAHAHA. I'm still waiting for the monkeys to appear 'cos squirrel sightings are becoming too common and boring LOL.

Waiting for monkeys aside.. i'm currently waiting for my interview for hall camp to start!! NERVOUS and feeling the jitters HAHA.

Ending the post with my lovely face

I should study.