Monday, November 24, 2014



Can't believe i'm never gonna touch these stuff again after these gruelling 5 months of learning OB concepts and racking my brains over Stats.

Stats paper was such a letdown.

I didn't finish almost the whole of the last qn and whatever i wrote down was wrong anyway. 20 marks gone because i didn't attempt :( And the worst part is, i knew how to do it T___T Was depressed for the entire stats paper day because honestly (whoever who think otherwise, please don't get offended - you have no idea how much effort i put into stats) the paper was really quite easy for me, so i felt really depressed knowing that i could have done stats well if i managed my time better.

This time for OB i was armed with a digital watch HAHAHA my dad came down to NTU all the way to pass me a digital watch. IT WORKS WONDERS. Almost couldn't believe myself when i nailed the OB paper with 5 mins to spare, especially considering i didn't do any time trials prior to the paper. Just glad the stats situation did not occur.

Anyway, i'm entirely screwed for IT and Bio. Thinking of S/U-ing Bio but i heard it would be a waste  because S/Us ought to be reserved for final year where i'll be taking a lot of electives. IT... well, really die. Don't think i can finish reading all the notes before the paper, much less MEMORISE it. If can get C i happy already.

BUT, GALATEA EFFECT - if i believe i can do it, I WILL. 

Sorry for the boring talk.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

whole last qn of stats paper didn't do.
20 marks gone!

C liao...
Studied so hard, fml

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Smelly Marketing

Doing my individual marketing reflection paper now and I'm developing a headache from flipping my marketing textbook and it's MOST LIKELY due to how IT STINKS, like literally. I'm wondering if the my previous Carousell owner of this textbook stored the book in her toilet because it smells really bad, like toilet-bad. With every flip of the page the smell just comes wafting out.

I cannot do Marketing anymore. Just can't.


Tania who's pretty screwed up for finals

Finally able to smile without teeth (kinda) semi-decently ever since i got my braces on \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

PS: Uni doesn't allow me long frequent blog posts anymore :(