Sunday, July 13, 2014

@_@ week

Just came back home from a long long day outside and like ronald said... 'shag balls'...

Fell asleep with ronny head to head on the bus and got startled awake by strangers shouting at us to alight because we were at the terminal stop/bus interchange already HAHAHA we were really really tired. And it must have been an embarrassing sight because i am 100 percent sure we both had our mouths opened while lying asleep together.

Very tired now but trying to squeeze out a post while eating dinner now because i won't be able to update my blog for the next week or two.

Had a packed and crazy weekend:

Saturday -
woke up at 9am to get my bum off to NTU for pre-camp (which led me to feel optimistic towards camp 'cos my ogls are really likeable and kept emphasising that they will really take care of us)
rushed home right after pre-camp ended, thank goodness jeannie's dad was there to fetch us to the east
met up with ronny who was late 'cos "sorry i wearing contacts now" HAHA
then we went.....

C L U B B I N G!!!  
Because free entry night + dad is overseas + cool mom

My first time and i was quite intimidated at the start and told my friends that i don't think i will wanna go clubbing again HAHAHA but i guess i changed my mind after i got high LOL

Went with emily, lianne, weixun (L's boyfriend) and ronald. Was pretty awkward at the start with Em being the one who's not in a pair, me and ronald not knowing WX and L and WX not knowing ronald hahaha but alcohol brings people together:



Was the only one who got extremely high from the drinks because i turned out to be a noob drinker. I seriously always thought i was good at drinking but no :'( but anyway, apparently i was a 'funny' drunkard according to Em and L HAHA.

"She couldn't stand straight and just kept flopping around and she and Ron were so cute" - L
"You were like mud" - R

lol guy behind looks like he was kissing the other guy hahaha

Speaking of kissing, there was this drunk dude french-kissing a random girl behind us and it was... well we were cheering but afterwards i found him damn gross 'cos he tried to make advances on us -.- and Emily pushed him away so hard i laughed like mad HAHAHA. And Ronald told me that he and weixun (Lianne's bf) were like holding each other's arms to block that guy away from us which is hilariously weird to me and Lianne because in normal circumstances that would be REALLY weird and awkward but HAHHAHAHA 'but club bodyguards gotta do what club bodyguards needa do".

Chiong-ed home at 2am with Ron 'cos we had...

Sunday(today) -
Woke up at 7am for rockclimbing level one course with R at Climb Asia T_____T only had 4h of sleep. Got called crazy for going clubbing the night before going for an 8h rockclimbing session. And not to mention, *drumroll* a whole week of NBS camp starting TOMORROW where we will be fueled by probably 1-3h of sleep every day T_T And....... wait for it...... gotta be at Boon Lay by 5.30AM tomorrow morning. Have to wake up at 3 am++.  I live in the east and it takes me near to 2h to get to the west side by public transport!!! Also have yet to pack my camp barang barang 'cos i just reached home hahahaha shouldn't be blogging at all actually.

Anyway, rockclimbing was really fun but tiring! But i really liked it. Considering joining rockclimbing in ntu.

Gotta rush off now to pack my camp stuff and hopefully i will get at least 4h of sleep tonight :(

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Good Samaritan

(4 Jul '14)
So five days ago the weather was so chilly and perfect for a run that i actually got my lazy bum up to do so...

I went running alone and pushed myself a lot more that day. When i was halfway down my usual route and taking a breather at my usual resting stop, my cramps decided to act up. I hadn't seen actual red yet but it was definitely about time for the time of the month. I think running too fast probably induced such awful cramps. WELL, awful is an major understatement. I've always had painful cramps but this episode was so unbearable, it completely knocked me off my feet and i was on the ground convulsing with pain. Sounds exaggerated but i'm really not exaggerating. I wish i was :(

It lasted 20 mins to 30 minutes. I was alternating between the park bench and the wet muddy ground next to the bench. I was in so many different positions trying to combat the pain somehow but nothing worked. I even propped my legs up the bench while lying down on the ground HAHAHA unglamness and inappropriateness in public at its max but at that point of time i was hurting too much to care. (But I at least made sure i didn't zaogeng hahahahaha.)

I felt really really tormented and miserable but I was even more bothered by the fact that even though there were so many people walking by, nobody offered me any help or even asked if i was okay. Trust me, it was bloody evident that i was in complete agony from the way i was buckling over... or whatever position i happened to be in. At that point i was really wishing earnestly that some angel on a bicycle would come, sweep me off the floor, and ferry me home LOL. BUT NO, no angels. Everyone just whizzed by, jogging or riding a bicycle, and i can swear that most of them were pretending not to notice me and deliberately evading eye contact with me. Next time should i ever feel like i'm dying from cramps again halfway while running i should just splay my body across the road, I'd see if they can pretend to ignore me then. HAHA.

BUT just then...

*drama voice activated*
I was on my last dying breath when this fuzzy, warm ray of golden light shone down on me from the heavens.... nah just kidding.

I finally met my angel :) Some kind man on a bicycle approached and asked if i was okay, to which i feebly replied a one-word "cramps" and gestured for him to carry on LOL. And then he proceeded to zoom off. In my heart i was screaming 'Noooo don't go, help me please,' but i was hurting so bad i couldn't manage to speak or move properly.

Finally after what seemed like forever, the ordeal was over. My cramps subsided and i managed to get up and walk home slowly.

When i was walking halfway.... i saw the same guy riding back in my direction. When he reached me he asked 'Are you the girl from just now?' and then he gave me this:

So touched i could cry :') Turned out the guy actually rode off to a nearby petrol kiosk to get me some pills and water.

I thanked him profusely and he just shyly declined and murmured something about how he has a friend who experiences cramps also or something along the lines of that.

But yeah anyway that was it and we just parted ways. After parting and some solo walking time it struck me that i should have at least made the gesture of offering to return him the money for the pills and water even though i had no money on me at all then... felt quite embarrassed after it dawned on me but oh well too late :( also pretty sure that the kind guy was doing good without expecting anything in return :p

Anyway, this is genuinely the BEST THING a stranger has ever done for me. To express concern is already good enough, but to actually speed away to the nearest commodity shop and spend 6 or 7 bucks on a complete stranger??? Come to think of it, the only guys who deliver pills for me are my dad and ronald... AND come to think of it AGAIN, i just realised that no girls ever provided me with pills or anything to ease my menstrual pain HAHAHA. I'm feeling so much gratitude towards the stranger now and i never would have expected to feel so grateful to someone i don't know at all. I really wished i thanked him even more then and maybe ask for his name or something. It's really heartwarming to know that there are gems like him in the world because really, so many people would rather turn a blind eye to someone who obviously needs help.

SO... moral of the story - be helpful, be kind! And if you ever see a damsel in distress (or the male equivalent), stop by and express some concern. Definitely not saying that you should be obliged to go to such lengths like the kind man did! Just doing small acts of kindness like showing some care and checking on that person to see if he/she really needs help would mean a lot to him or her. I think conveniently pretending not to notice someone who needs help when you obviously did is the worst... not a virtuous act at all and NOT COOL AT ALL.

To the rather tanned bespectacled man wearing a light blue shirt and riding a bicycle along tampines park connector on 4 July 2014 (Friday), thank you soooo much! Also, my mom asked me to marry you. *wink*

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hong Kong Trip [Day 4 & 5]

Day 4
25 March '14, Tuesday 

Time to hit the shopping districts of Hong Kong!!!

Ventured into these pastry shops and just had to take pictures because i really love small pastries shops that sell mostly handmade pastries with that buttery aroma wafting around. Reminds me of the small cake shop in Katong Shopping Centre run by this old man and his wife and maybe sister i think and they sell the most heavenly chocolate tarts ever!!!! And whenever i'm there i just can't control myself and buy almost everything i see on the rack - chocolate tarts (must get), banana pie, raisin scones, etc.  Something about homemade pastries, homely family-run shops and old family recipes being passed down from one generation to the next really touches my soft spot hahaha.

Btw i've never seen or tasted 90 percent of the pastries in those HK pastry shops. Really wanted to try A LOT of my things but my mom stopped me because we we on our way to get some dim sum lunch. Bought only 2 egg tarts in the end :( And they were MINI egg tarts!!! Also managed to try some banana-looking banana kueh thing after our dim sum lunch. Sadly it was not very nice and way too sweet for my liking.

pre-lunch juice fix!

Walked down 花圆街 (Fa Yuen Street) to get to our lunch venue and the whole street segment we were at housed mostly sports shops selling the same sports equipments, clothes and shoes. Very boring and not for me because i didn't need anymore sports stuff but still went into most of the shops anyway because my dad wanted a new pair of exercise shorts.

in one of the nike shops with my dad
Mom's phone camera makes me look weird all the time! 


Having dim sum at 稻香. The dim sum there is absolutely delectable! Way nicer than the dimsum we had on our second day in HK even though the dim sum we had then was already pretty damn good.

Entire menu was in chinese and so i accidentally ordered plain chee cheong fun when i actually intended to order chee cheong fun with shrimp fillings HAHAHA got chided by my parents but in the end the plain one tasted so so good!! Velvety, and definiely the silkiest rice roll skin i have ever tasted and very yummy when dipped into sweet sauce.

Rest of the afternoon was spent shopping so i didn't take any photos. Dad went back to the hotel because he didn't wanna be churned into the nightmare of shopping with two ladies. Speaking of that... during dinner the day before Ronald was like asking my mom "So tomorrow y'all will be shopping right? I don't have to be there right....?" HAHAHAHA. My mom told me that he looked so relieved when she said he didn't have to accompany us on that day LOL.

We weaved through 女人街 but didn't shop there because we didn't want to battle the crowd (or the notoriously fierce shopkeepers we had heard about) so we just made our way to 王角中心 (Mong kok shopping centre). 王角中心 was a lot like Bugis street/ Far East Plaza - cramped, small shops with trendy teenager clothes, and narrow walkways.

Only shopped for slightly more than an hour and we were already drained of our energy and wanted to go back to the hotel. I still remember telling my mom that 'Can we go back? I'm so dizzy from shopping here' because the place was quite claustrophobic with a lot of hidden corners and turns too. But nevertheless i had pretty good buys there and the shopkeepers were all so nice!

Back at our hotel area:

Took a few quiet moments to watch people leisurely gliding over the river in the setting sun.


parents fell in love with the roasted pigeons there
my favourite form of carbs
i don't like to eat fish :<

Dinner was settled at 沙角村熟食中心's 德记 stall again like we did for the previous night because the food was good! Both my mom and i feel that the chinese food in Hongkong is more delicious than SG's chinese food on the whole haha. R joined us for dinner :)

In the cab on the way back to the hotel, R asked my parents if he could bring me out for desserts. I was super scared my dad would be all suspicious and unhappy HAHAHA but luckily he consented to it and off we went for desserts for our happy tummies!

Some mango dessert with 'HOR FUN' which is made of coconut if i'm not wrong. But it really tasted and looked like hor fun haha.

eating dessert like he's eating hor fun noodles
Gotta brace yourself for the next picture 'cos it's not for the weak-hearted...


What on earth. That's the creepiest face i have ever seen!!!!!

I actually stared into his eyes when i was looking at this photo in my computer just to take in the creepiness of his face and i honestly, genuinely, felt more and more scared the more i stared at it HAHAHA.
molten lava cake dessert called 心太软

We polished the entire plate because this dessert is extremely extremely addictive, sweet and decadent!!! Tried to replicate it when i was back in Singapore but failed miserably :'(
warm and fluffy vanilla souffle

We (or I) got greedy and decided to order another dessert even though we just had dinner HAHA. But there really is another stomach for dessert especially when the first two really didn't disappoint at all and it made us crave for more sweets.

miss my old hair :'( and definitely miss the hk moments with R more

He sent me back to the hotel afterwards and we parted ways! When i got back to the hotel my mom whispered to me that my dad has been continuously complaining "Why she not back yet" LOL ooops.

Day 5
26 March '14, Wednesday

surprisingly yummy 米粉

Woke up to breakfast my mom dabao-ed from a nearby cha chaan teng. Funny how we have been touring HK but have never sat down at any cha chaan tengs for a meal. Kind of regret not doing that now T_T

Chanced upon Cafe Ritazza in Hongkong's airport HAHA cafe ritazza is where i worked part-time at in SG Changi airport.

Day 5 was our last day in Hong Kong boo hoo :( We only spent 4 full days touring HK and it was really not enough in my opinion haha. 6d5n would be great!! And out of the entire HK trip i only went clothes-shopping for about 2 hours... Always thought that HK trips are eat-shop-eat-shop-eat-shop vacations. Only achieved the 'eat eat eat' part LOL.

Above two photos are taken with my mom's phone and i swear her phone camera makes me look weird all the time LOL like my brows always turn out dark and bushy and somehow i look like a man.

on the plane!!!
and once again... in-flight meals *_*

Flew back to SG a few days before R and his mom did!

I would say that the HK trip was really enjoyable overall. It had everything i thought a good holiday trip should be - relaxing, fantastic food, cheap and decent clothes, chilly weather that was pretty comfortable even for a someone like me who is so scared of the cold, a good and clean hotel that has the most comfortable bed ever, and GREAT COMPANY